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Hey, there! I'm Lauren Ashley (LA for short), visual arts educator, artist, graphic designer, and aspiring visual arts researcher. I'm all things visual art. That's where the VIZ ART comes in! Whether I'm working with students in the classroom or collaborating with a client on a project, my goal is to nurture others' visual literacies and creative confidence so their artistic and aesthetic visions shine!


Growing up, I could not speak. A severe speech disability prevented me from speaking without stuttering. So, I looked inwards and found art as a way to finally communicate fluently. While stuttering no longer dominates my life, what has not changed is my will to create. My professional journey began as a graphic designer, however my heart yearned to leave the cubicle. I still work as a freelance artist today, but my passion is teaching and empowering others to employ the visual arts as a meaningful, communicative tool. Teaching allows me to collaborate with amazing humans of all ages and backgrounds all around the globe. My work as an educator includes special education, the visual arts, and business courses. Recent endeavors include educational research in the fields of STEAM education, creativity training and education (CTE), and neuroaesthetics.


What can I do for you?

Logo Design & Brand Development

What is the core personality and look of your brand? What is the story you want to tell about your company’s products or services? Let me help you define your strong identity.

PreK-12 Art Education

Need an art educator that understands the importance of student-teacher learning partnerships, relevant experiences, visual literacy, and 21st century skills? I can facilitate growth in these relevant areas for all learners.

Creative Marketing

Want to develop a new campaign that turns heads and helps you stand out? I can help you create unique and exciting marketing concepts that deliver results.

Paint Events

Want to host a fun and memorable painting event? Whether it’s a family gathering, team building, or professional development event... make it one that is remembered forever.

Student Portfolio Consultations

Does your art portfolio include the artwork it needs to be accepted to your dream school?
With one-on-one consultations and custom prompts, I can help you curate the portfolio that demands attention.

Art & Graphic Design

Do you need art or design services to help elevate your space, event, or business? Big or small, fine art, print, or web, I can collaborate with you to bring color, attention, and creativity to your world.


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I believe every individual is creative in their own way. The Visual Arts can be your voice. Everyone deserves a meaningful platform to tell their story and to stand out in our competitive, media-saturated world.


What are others saying about Lauren?

"...I learned a lot about Photoshop. I am now a little more digitally literate. You were amazing!"

-Desmond, 11th grader & Photo/Digital Student | February 2018

man in pullover hoodie
man in pullover hoodie
woman in black shirt smiling
woman in black shirt smiling
”Lauren has gone above the call of duty to develop relationships with some of our most difficult students. She has the patience of a saint, cultivates harmony by using Community Circles, and uses Restorative Practices to dissolve conflict in her class. She values peace among her family of students, and works hard to make this possible for each student...”

- Jamie F., Math Teacher & Faculty Council Member | Glen Burnie, MD | November 4, 2019

"I appreciate what you have done for me for the past few weeks! I am thankful because I love the fact that you helped me improve my grade when I need[ed] the help. I am hoping to do better this quarter!"

-Antonio, 10th Grader & Photo/Digital Student | February 2019

man in black crew neck shirt and black framed eyeglasses
man in black crew neck shirt and black framed eyeglasses
woman taking selfie photo
woman taking selfie photo
”Lauren always pushes the counselors to do their best and gives the staff a jump start.”

- Jenna E., Camp Wright Day Camp Director | Stevensville, MD | August 14, 2009

"...I wish for you to know that I appreciated your teaching and class overall. For instance, I expressed myself with different types of media in a zine, utilizing [sic] watercolor, paint, and more. I learned how to use space, knowledge of the Principles of Design and qualities of a [sic] sculpture. You have expanded my perception of art, and further achieved your role as a teacher."

-Carlo, 9th Grader and Foundations of Art Student | November 2019

woman in red long sleeve shirt
woman in red long sleeve shirt
man in black suit jacket holding white ceramic mug
man in black suit jacket holding white ceramic mug
"I wanted to take a moment to inform you what a wonderful and conscientious employee you have in Lauren. She is very personable, but has also been going out of her way to make our advertising experience with your paper a positive one... I will insist on Lauren’s participation because I know I can count on her to be sure everything is done right. Thank you for allowing her to work on our account."

- Chuck H., Lawyer & Advertising Client | Tacoma, WA | March 3, 2011

woman in blue denim jacket holding black smartphone
woman in blue denim jacket holding black smartphone
”Lauren... I would like to thank you for your contributions to this library... As the education aide assisting [student], a special needs student, you assisted her in projects which provided her a valuable learning experience and worked closely with her on those projects. Your patience and your supportive mannerisms and aura in working here were, in my opinion, outstanding traits and very appropriate for your position. I commend you for your outstanding work in this facility. Your work with [student] in this facility has made the library a better place...”

- Anne B., Director Wiesbaden Library | Wiesbaden, Germany | June 3, 2013

"Thank you for making this new learning experience 10x better. You taught me things I never even knew existed and I appreciate all your patience I know sometimes working with teens can get frustrating... Keep being the great teacher that you are :-)"

-Kendall, 10th Grader & Photo/Digital Student | February 2017

portrait photography of woman wearing black shirt and gold necklace
portrait photography of woman wearing black shirt and gold necklace
"Lauren delivered exactly what I needed, in an eye-catching format. She did ads for me targeting our audience of realtors for City Living Magazine and Baltimore Small Business Developers Magazine; the latter an award winning publication for property investors in Baltimore. She communicated directly with the publisher, took care of meeting their ad requirements and deadlines, and that ad has been running successfully for several years now. She always has suggestions and ideas for me for future marketing campaigns. I can always count on her to be there for me when I need her. Her ideas are fresh and spot on and have been a treasure trove to ALL of my marketing campaigns. I would recommend her without hesitation!!!!"

-Michele S., Small Business Owner | February 2022

"Thanks for giving us a new perspective on Photo."

-Christian, 11th Grade & Photo/Digital Student | January 2018

boy in white crew neck t-shirt holding green and white ceramic mug
boy in white crew neck t-shirt holding green and white ceramic mug